Aero Design Challenge

Photo: NASA

The Wind is Rising

Designing a new future of cleaner and quieter aviation


Our undergraduate team is taking on the Langley Aero Design Challenge which calls for a paper detailing the design of a novel large commercial airliner (200+ capacity) that is not only cleaner, but quieter. Utilizing cutting edge technologies including but not limited to Ceramic Matrix Composites, PRANDTL wing, and Distributed Electric Propulsion, we hope to conceive the future of greener flight.

Mission Goals

  • Design cohesive aircraft that achieves NASA goals for efficiency, emissions, and noise

  • Using analytical software and testing, produce relevant data supporting our design over baseline plane, 737-900

  • Write research paper on our design and relevant findings and if successful, present at symposium and tour NASA facilities!

Related Skills

  • Aerospace/Electrical Engineering: Analyze and determine ideal propulsion system to minimize emissions and maximize fuel efficiency

  • Mechanical/Civil Engineering: Design sound airframe structure using mechanics principles

  • Aeronautic Engineering: Testing and optimization of efficient wing design

  • Chemistry/Chemical Engineering: Investigation of various fuels for less harmful emissions

  • Computer Science: Computational analysis of varied data

Mission Directors


Elon Gordon

SEAS 2018

B.A. Physics, B.S. Mechanical Engineering


Leon Kim

SEAS 2019

B.S. Mechanical Engineering