Outreach & Operations

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Connecting with space communities

Inspiring the next generation of space travellers


The Operations and Outreach team leads educational events across our campus and New York City to inspire the public and the next generation to love space. We develop lasting relationships with aerospace industry companies and NASA to provide funding and career opportunities for club members.

Mission Goals

  • Participate in SEAS Outreach's Engineering Speaks Series by teaching in local public schools in NYC

  • Host open-to-public free events featuring space celebrities and aerospace industry professionals

  • Organize aerospace-related and space-related team bonding events

  • Financially support aerospace missions within CSI and raise funds for future expansion

  • Establish and develop long-term relations with aerospace industry leaders

  • Provide recruitment opportunities for aerospace companies within the club

Related Skills

  • Education

  • Economics

  • Operations Research

  • Logistics

Mission Directors


Leena Chen

Outreach Director

Barnard 2020

Applied Math


Elliotte Lee

Operations Director

CC 2019

Economics and Environmental Science


Ian Kennedy

Operations Advisor

SPS 2018


Recent News

Fall 2017 Engineering Speaks posted in outreachoperations

December 02, 2017

CSI’s Outreach team has taught over 200 NYC middle schoolers at MS 302 and MS 126 this past month, in partnership with the Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth Foundation and the Columbia Engineering Outreach Office in its “Engineering Speaks” outreach lecture series.

We enjoyed sharing about the history of aerospace, the basics of space science, and the cool new innovations and companies in aerospace today. Most of all, we enjoyed seeing the students’ enthusiasm and curiosity about aerospace. At the end of each lecture, we had a paper airplane competition to illustrate aerodynamic principles firsthand. We were blown away by their engineering skills - there were airplanes that traveled all the way across the auditorium, airplanes that boomeranged back to their owners, and more! Each time, students would linger afterward to ask us follow-up questions and to tell us about their future plans to become pilots or scientists. It has been a truly rewarding set of experiences, and we can’t wait to continue to inspire and be inspired by the next generation of space engineers and scientists in spring.

Fall 2017 CU Splash posted in outreachoperations

November 04, 2017

This Saturday was our third time participating in CU Splash, a day-long event for high school students to learn topics outside of the classroom. We taught a course called “Intro to Space Exploration,” where we introduced basic orbital mechanics, propellants, space history, and challenges in space.

For many of our students, this was their first exposure to space science and aerospace engineering.

In addition to the science, we discussed commercial space companies, international space industries and modern innovation like suit ports and inflatable space modules.

We held two sections and each had 40+ students. We had lots of fun inspiring the next generation of space travelers.

Thank you to Leena, ShaSha, Caleb, Tejit, Lily, Megan, Chris, and Garrett for making this day of space learning possible.