Outreach & Operations

Photo: NASA

Connecting with space communities

Inspiring the next generation of space travellers


The Operations and Outreach team leads educational events across our campus and New York City to inspire the public and the next generation to love space. We develop lasting relationships with aerospace industry companies and NASA to provide funding and career opportunities for club members.

Mission Goals

  • Participate in SEAS Outreach's Engineering Speaks Series by teaching in local public schools in NYC

  • Host open-to-public free events featuring space celebrities and aerospace industry professionals

  • Organize aerospace-related and space-related team bonding events

  • Financially support aerospace missions within CSI and raise funds for future expansion

  • Establish and develop long-term relations with aerospace industry leaders

  • Provide recruitment opportunities for aerospace companies within the club

Related Skills

  • Education

  • Economics

  • Operations Research

  • Logistics

Mission Directors


Leena Chen

Outreach Director

Barnard 2020

Applied Math


Elliotte Lee

Operations Director

CC 2019

Economics and Environmental Science


Ian Kennedy

Operations Advisor

SPS 2018