Photo: NASA

Building high-powered hybrid rockets for experimental payloads.

Our team is escaping the Earth's surface without aid from NASA or helium. Just good, old-fashioned rocket fuel!


The Columbia Rocketry Program designs, builds, and tests high performance rockets. As one of only a few collegiate rocketry teams worldwide developing hybrid rocket engines, we are a dedicated group of engineers and scientists focused on technical advancement. Through regular engine design iteration and testing, we are developing safe and reliable hybrid engines with adjustable thrust output. The Rocketry Program is currently putting to use our experiences gained over the last year from the 11 foot 56 lb. Athena II rocket to design and build our second entry in the Spaceport America Cup, Athena III. Through presentations and hands on engineering, our members gain valuable skills from engineering design software to machining to rocket dynamics and launch safety.

Mission Goals

  • This year, we will continue to refine and improve our design for a 600 lbf Class O nitrous-oxide/paraffin wax hybrid rocket engine.

  • We also aim to regenerative cool the combustion chamber using a nitrous oxide preflow arrangement.

Related Skills

  • Mechanical design

  • Chemical engineering of thrust design

  • Computer modeling of rocket performance

Mission Directors


Jorge Casas

CC 2023

Astrophysics & Mechanical Engineering

[email protected]


Ryan Wu

SEAS 2024

Mechanical Engineering

[email protected]