Photo: NASA

Studying Bacterial Resistance on the ISS

We are designing an ISS payload experiment to study antibiotic resistance in space.


SPOCS is a NASA competition in which undergraduate students compete to design and build an experiment to fly aboard the International Space Station for 30 days. Payload designs are themed around bacterial resistance, a subject of great interest for both long-term spaceflight (like in NASA’s upcoming Artemis lunar mission) and short-term astronaut exposure to microgravity aboard the ISS. The SPOCS team is working on designing an autonomous payload to study the effects of the microgravity environment on the production of antibiotics with the eventual goal of sending the payload to space!

Mission Goals

  • Design an autonomous bacterial resistance payload experiment

  • Be selected to launch our experiment aboard the ISS

Related Skills

  • Microbiology/Biomedical Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Enthusiasm for space science research

Mission Directors


Kalpana Ganeshan

SEAS 2022

Operations Research

[email protected]


Swati Ravi

CC 2022