Columbia Space Initiative

Beyond Earth.

The Columbia Space Initiative is a group of students and professors dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge in near-space, space, and beyond.

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This is Rocket Science Podcast

Biweekly podcast produced by Henry Manelski and David Tibbits, delivers fun and casual conversations about space exploration. Guest stars include former NASA astronaut Prof. Mike Massimino and extrasolar planets researcher Prof. David Kipping. Whether you're interested in commercial space flight (eg. Blue Origin, SpaceX), asteroid mining, NASA missions or dark matter, there's something for you. Tune in on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Anchor.

Join a Mission

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High Altitude Balloons

Near the edge of space.

We send cameras, experiments, and other payloads to new heights.

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Zero-G Research Division

To Infinity and Beyond

We are sending a scientific payload into outer space on the New Shepard Rocket.

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Orbiting the Earth.

Our mission is to place the first satellite designed by Columbia undergraduates into low Earth orbit.

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Sharp Edge Detection on the ISS

The Micro-g team is designing a device to detect and remove sharp edges on the ISS handrails

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Outreach & Operations

Connecting with space communities

Inspiring the next generation of space travellers

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Designing humankind's mission to new destinations in our solar system.

RASC-AL is a university-level competition sponsored by NASA and the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) to design mission architectures for future crewed missions in space that incorporate innovative technology and commercial cooperation.

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Our team is escaping the Earth’s surface without aid from NASA or helium. Just good, old-fashioned rocket fuel!