RASC-AL Mars Ice


Obtaining water outside the Blue Planet

The RASC-AL (Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts – Academic Linkages) Mars Ice Challenge is a competition that focuses on technology demonstrations for in-situ – or in place – resource utilization capabilities on Mars to enable long-term human survival.


Our goal is to design and build prototype hardware that can extract water from simulated Martian subsurface ice.

Mission Goals

  • Prototype Mars Ice Drill System

  • Draft and submit project plan

Related Skills

  • Mechanical Engineering: Designing the mechanical aspect of the system including the drill and the gantry

  • Electrical Engineering: Establishing an electrical infrastructure which follows the energy restraints

  • Control/Computer Science: Programming the system to integrate mechanical and electrical systems effectively

Mission Directors


Luke D’Cruz

SEAS 2021

Mechanical Engineering


Bret Silverstein

SEAS 2021

Computer Science