NASA Lunabotics

Building an autonomous lunar mining robot

Lunabotics challenges teams to design, build and run their autonomously operated robot, traverse the simulated off-world terrain and excavate the simulated Lunar regolith!


In NASA’s own words, “This Artemis Student Challenge [NASA’s Robotic Mining Competition Lunabotics] is designed to train university students in the methods of NASA systems engineering while designing, building and operating an exciting lunar excavator prototype.“ All majors welcome!

Mission Goals

  • Qualify for Phase 2

  • Design and build a working rover

  • Compete in the 2021 competition

Related Skills

  • Robot design (CAD, animation, engineering design)

  • Systems engineering

  • Robotics (ROS, Arduino)

  • Autonomous programming

Mission Director


Juan Trevino

SEAS 2024

Computer Engineering