Broadcasting messages far and wide

Radio frequency connections with low earth orbit satellite


The Satellite Communications (SatComms) mission focuses on building and using a ground-based, mobile radio platform for communicating with satellites in low earth orbit (LEO). The communications platform will be a 2-axis (azimuthal and elevation) autonomous device that is capable of keeping its antennas tracking a satellite as it move across the sky. The final project for the SatComms mission will be to communicate with astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS).

Mission Goals

  • Get every member licensed and familiar with Ham Radio communication

  • Design and build an autonomous, ground based, satellite tracking/communication platform

  • Test the platform on various satellites

  • Use the platform to communicate with astronauts on the ISS

  • Provide the communications backbone for the CubeSat mission

  • Future goal: build a permanent ground-based platform on the roof of Mudd

Related Skills

  • Ham radio communication and antenna construction/physics

  • Orbital mechanics and satellite tracking

  • Raspberry pi/Arduino programming

  • Mechanical design and fabrication

  • Antenna construction and physics

  • Mechatronics/robotics

  • Teamwork and program management

  • Basic electronics


  • Awarded a generous grant from the Armstrong Memorial Research Foundation (2018)

Mission Director


John Brooks

SEAS 2020

PhD, Plasma Physics