Space Policy

Space Policy

To design and propose a comprehensive plan for an international ban on space weapons, fostering collaboration among national space agencies and relevant international bodies.


The objective of this mission is to develop a proposal for a legislative body, in the form of a research paper, addressing the imperative of international collaboration in space exploration. The focus will be on the urgent need for a global consensus on banning space weapons. To achieve this, multiple national space agencies and international organizations like the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs will be engaged. Additionally, the mission will embrace a diverse range of students from non-STEM disciplines such as political science, economics, international relations, history, and psychology. This approach will enhance the scope of CSI's endeavors and foster interdisciplinary opportunities.

Mission Goals

  • Establish an expert team across various fields, review existing space treaties, analyze space weapon risks, identify successful agreements, and explore the role of emerging tech.

  • Collaborate with space policy organizations to engage in public diplomacy, foster international dialogue, and promote academic involvement.

  • Create a research paper justifying the space weapons ban, propose effective mechanisms, include provisions for peaceful space use, address ethical concerns, and present the proposal to the legislative body.

Related Skills

  • Research and Analysis

  • Communication and Diplomacy

  • Policy Development

  • Advocacy and Outreach

  • Monitoring and Adaptation

Mission Directors


Adam Dawood

CC '26

Computer Science

[email protected]


Anastasia Shmeleva

GS '26

Political Science

[email protected]